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Map to the range:

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Suggested hotels:
Mitt hotell
Moss hotell
Refsnes Gods (for those of you who appreciate upscale accomodation)

Travelling to Moss
Planes, trains and automobiles are all efficient ways to get to the range. Rygge Airport is only 9 km away, and Moss railway station is located about 2 km from the range and 45 minutes from Oslo.
Optional airports are Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen (100km) and Sandefjord Lufthavn Torp (40km + 30min ferry).


Weapon Permit

Importing weapons, weapon parts or ammunition into Norway without a proper license is regarded as a serious crime!

Competitors from outside Norway must comply to the following to legally bring your personal weapons, weapon parts and a reasonable amount of ammunition into Norway for use at competitions:

Competitors with a European Transportation Gun Permit:

  • Register your participation by using the Match Entry Form
  • Print out the Match Invitation.
  • There will be no problems when entering or leaving Norway with guns, ammunition and weapon parts if you can show these three documents when requested:
    • Your valid Passport or Driving License
    • Your valid European Transportation Gun Permit
    • The Match Invitation (available on this web site)


Competitors without a European Transportation Gun Permit:


  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • You must possess and bring the required weapons license in your country for each weapon you want to import.
  • You must bring (or fill out at the Customs Office) 2 copies of a written statement that contains:
    • Your full name
    • Your birth date
    • Your home address
    • The name of your firearm license issuer
    • Your firearm(s) license number
      (for each firearm you want to import if you have a separate license for each weapon)
    • A description of each firearm and any extra weapon parts
      (e.g. spare frames and barrels, not magazines):

      • Type (e.g. pistol, revolver or rifle)
      • Caliber
      • Fabric Name
      • Weapon Serial Number
    • The amount of ammunition, specified for each caliber
    • A description of what you are going to use the weapon(s) for in Norway
      (e.g. participate at our competition).
    • Where in Norway you are going to use the weapon(s)
    • Date and your signature.
  • The Match Invitation (available on this web site).
  • Your stay in Norway is limited up to 3 months.


When entering Norway you must stop at a Customs Office to get your written statements validated.
The Customs Office will keep one copy of your written statement.
Your copy of the validated statment is your temporary firearm license while you visit Norway for up to 3 months.
When leaving Norway you have to stop at a Customs Office to leave your copy of the written and validated statement.

If you’re traveling through Sweden with weapons and ammunition you must bring (or fill out at the Swedish Customs Office) a Swedish transit declaration as well.
This can also be done online here for Nordic shooters.


Transportation and storage:

During your stay in Norway, please note the following mandatory rules for transport and storage of your weapon(s), weapon parts and ammunition:


  • During transport and storage your weapon(s) must be unloaded and stored in a pouch, bag or similar
  • Your weapon(s) must always be under your supervision
  • Outside the competition range you are not allowed to carry weapons on your body (both concealed and in open view).
    This applies no matter what kind of permission you may have in your own country.
  • If you transport your weapon(s) in your luggage and the luggage can’t be under your supervision at all times, the weapon itself and a vital part (e.g. the slide) must be transported in separate bags/suitcases (preferrably lockable).
    Airlines may have different requirements, you have to check this with the airline yourself.
  • If you travel in your own car (or similar), your weapon(s) must not be easily accessible (e.g. not under your seat or in the glove compartment).
    It is not necessary to separate a vital part (e.g. the slide) from the weapon(s).
  • If you leave your weapon(s) and ammunition unsupervised (e.g. in your car or hotel room):
    • The weapon(s) and ammunition must not be visible from the outside.
    • You must remove a vital part (e.g. the slide) from each weapon and bring this with you.
    • The car/room must be locked.